I am currently having issues with the original Metagrid and Cubase 12. The meta server shows its connected, the iPad shows the relative focus screen (Safari, Cubase, etc) yet my MIDI Monitor app shows no messages nor does it in Cubase. The MetaServer tells me it is sending midi events via usb, also at start the error message reads “unable to get list of Apple Shortcuts in folder.” I’ve gone through all the proper Generic Remote setups and so forth…I installed the Lemur app on the iPad and that sends MIDI just fine.


Make sure, the MIDI Port has not been assigned to any other Remote Device, please.

Just checked. It is not



Sorry, I don’t really get, what do the screenshots say, please?

Permissions issue perhaps? Does metagrid/server have any restrictions within your MacOS security settings?

Is the user account an admin?

This looks like something you may need to contact metasystem on, as it’s outside of Cubase if you can’t get the messages to the O/S.

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