Metallic sound of metronome 3.5.10

thanks to the team for the new update

I’ve installed it, but the metronome has a strange, very metallic sound … are there settings to change it?

thank you so much!

Is it only the metronome that sounds strange with you? Could you please make a short recording of it (maybe even with a smart phone), zip it up (only zip files allowed as attachment here) and post it here? And also, which of the 3 metronome sounds is your current choice? What if you change the metronome sound, do they all sound strange?

Hello ULF, Thank you for your answer.
I can select “doricoBeep” or “Hso”… there are no other options.

It’s a problem only in a metronomo, other sound in score are Ok!

When i come back house I attachment a sound.

Thanx for all!

Hi Italyuser,

Apologies if you already know this, but you can select different metronome sounds, and change other settings in Playback Options.

Thank you David. I have try it. …
choosing other settings is a bit better, but in my opinion it is very strange and metallic click.

I have attached an audio, I hope it will be useful.

Thank you so much for your support

I’m afraid there’s no attachment to your message…

I re-try :wink:
clic (186 KB)

Ah, okay. But that sound is normal, that is the beep-sound, it’s simply a square wave. Indeed, sounds very artificial, but it is very present and good recognizable even in dense orchestrations. If you don’t like it, choose the woodblock sound, that is actually sample based on a real woodblock recording.

maybe it’s my impression but it looks different from the previous version. thanks anyway for the answers!