Meter bridge colours

I love how customisable Cubase is but cannot for the life of work out how to change the colours of the meter bridge, and if this is disabled I’m confused as to why?! I prefer my setup to be dark so it is easy on the eyes, and also having it black makes it feel more ‘real’ hardware-like. However, I cannot seem to change the meter bridge from the stock colour background of the bluish-grey?!?! :question:


I’m afraid, this color is not customisable.

Just wondering why it’s not customisable?

Seems to be a panel just as all other section, which are customisable. And obviously the metering in customisable, which alters the colours in the fader meters and in the meter bridge. Just curious why the background of the meter bridge would be locked and not customisable? Seems very odd!

I would say, there is no special reason for this. This just has not been done (yet, hopefuly). :slight_smile: