Meter bridge visibility options

for some reason my meter bridge in cubase 12 is now just a thin hardly visible line. I cant get the typical wide bars that used to exist. Is there any option to change this?

Perhaps you could post a screenshot so folks can see what you are talking about.

hi raino, here it is…

If you mean the items circled below, then it is because those Channels have been set to show the scrolling waveform of the Audio. Not at DAW to verify the specifics, but I believe if you right+click you can change what’s displayed.

Hi Raino, yes the tracks you circled are what I’m referring to. When you can please confirm a wave on your system. There is options when you right click to turn wave on/off but no option to customize appearance. I remember in previous cubase versions the scrolling waveform was much larger and more visible.

I think that depends on the amplitude of the waveform itself. Try normalizing the wav itself to confirm if this is correct.

yes you are correct zebmastershake, as I increase the wave amplitude, then the display also increases. Thanks for your insight.

I wonder if the Project Window control that adjusts the waveform display size also changes it here?

No there is no way to adjust that. The Wave mode displays 0 dBFS at the edges, so the only way to make the waveform bigger is to have louder audio. Actually this works as expected, as louder signals have larger amplitude. You cannot “cheat” with that unlike with the Project Window or with SuperVision’s Wavescope, because it is intended for mixing purposes and not generic display.

I’m more concerned with the visual bug that occurs when switching to Wave compared to PPM.
The meters get shifted toward the upper left corner, and the left, top and right sides of the Meter Bridge zone get stretched and touches the other zones. Also, the Waves meters are slightly shorter than PPM meters. Although the screenshot above is highly compressed, we can clearly see the issue.
I will report it separately.