Meter change and instrument name

I have two issues: 1. I am writing a meter change from 4/4 to 5/8 and I would like to indicate that eights notes equal eights notes. (8=8) I wouldn´t even know where to look in the manual.
2. I am writing for solo horn. Dorico produces a “full score” and an individual score. In the full score every line has the instrument name in front of it. How can I delete that?

  1. You’re looking for tempo equations:
  1. You need to change the settings for staff labels on the Staves and Systems page of Layout Options:

Thank you @dspreadbury ! I looked it up. But it doesn´t seem to show me a way to actually write tempo equations. :upside_down_face: I skimmed though some links and related topics but I still didn´t find anything worthwhile.

The advise for the second issue did the job!!! Thanks a lot!!!

Have a look at the two red links at the bottom of the page I linked you to, which tell you how to input tempo equations with the popover or with the Tempo panel on the right-hand side in Write mode.

Ok, thanks! I have to read it again, seems like I didn´t get it the first time. :innocent:

Got it, thanks!!!