Meter Change Glitch

I’m having a minor issue, which I have occasionally but not quite frequently, where I’ll change the time signature, Dorico will update to the new time signature, but the amount of beats in the bar remain the same; currently, changing a bar from 5/8 to 6/8, but no matter what set the meter to, only 5 beats remain in the bar. And even if I add a bar to the 6/8 section, the new bar will still be 5/8. This goes for most time signatures I’ve tried, though oddly enough, I’ve tired 1/16, which did change correctly, but then when I tried changing it to 6/8 again, it would only go to 5/8, so it seems it can go smaller but not larger.

It’s an easy enough glitch to work around, as I can just make a new bar from the previous one and copy and paste the problem bar’s material there, but it happens enough that I thought it was worth pointing out, since I know Steinberg may see this.

Insert mode is the answer:

(Essentially, it’s intended that Dorico won’t create extra time within your music, when you’re changing the time signature earlier in a flow than an existing time signature later, unless you tell Dorico to do so by activating Insert mode.)