Meter Difference - Bar Misalignment

I have a score in 3/4 but the Violin I is in 9/8.
I’ve created the 9/8 via the Meter popover and then holding down Alt when entered. Problem is (as shown) that the 9/8 measures and the 3/4 measures do not align. Did I create the 9/8 meter improperly or is there a setting I’ve missed.

The way to do this is: Write triplets in Violin I and hide the 3s. (For running triplets you’ll only need to manually hide the first few; the rest will hide by default.)

To fake the 9/8, put in 9/8,6 in bar 5 (which shows 9/8 but with a pickup bar 6 eighths long), then enter a regular 6/8 in bar 6 (also with Alt) and hide it. When you do this, the barlines will all still line up.

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