Meter display by far too low in 1.1.60

The metering for audio in the mixer seems to be broken: I have a “normally” loud audio signal coming in. The audio sounds as it should and if I insert a metering plugin on the respective channel it shows peaks aorund -10 db as expected. The metering on the mixer never goes above -50 db however. This is on MAC M1 Studio and Ventura 13.2.1

  • new project
  • add audio track
  • mixer expand “Song 1” and “Track 1”
  • insert a test generator, sine 1 kHz 0 dB
  • all meters hover around 0 dB

on my system it looks like this…

and this is how it looks after executing your proposed procedure in a new project:

… yes, sorry. The audio-streaming is correct, only the VU meter are wrong. We’ll fix it! Thank you very much.