Meter display issue on multi-monitor setup

First off, I’m still well in the learning curve for Cubase 7. Please forgive any ignorance I may demonstrate here. :open_mouth:

I’m running Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit. 16 gigs, i7 K2600. I just ran the .6 update hoping my issue would be resolved, but alas…

I spread my main window (with the dropdowns for "File, Edit, etc. at top) across 3 monitors, all the same size, brand, and resolution. I put the timeline window on the center monitor and size it to fit. I always put the mix console on the right monitor. Yes, I know that maximizing it will cause grief, so I just size it to fit without touching the sides and invoking scroll bars on the main window. OK, OK, here’s the issue: When I open the first project after opening Cubase, the meter on the mix console is smaller than the space it should occupy and has white space around it. To resolve it, I grab the edge of the window and resize it a tiny amount and the meter springs to size, filling the white space. I have to do this again when I switch to the loudness meter. Once done, it will remain correct until I close Cubase and reopen it.

It’s not a huge deal for me, but I wondered if anyone else was having the same issue. It might well be related to my graphics adapter and monitor setup. If I recall correctly though, it worked correctly when I first installed Cubase 7, and started later. No hardware changes have taken place. No driver configurations have been changed.

There ya go!

a signature would help but at a guess your running novation automap and it is a known redraw issue with automap , if you don’t want this to happen then uncheck the Cubase inserts vst3 in the automap server but then you will not be able to control the stock plugin’s

You are correct g-string. I am running automap and i have checked a number of items in recent weeks. I’m fairly certain that this will end up being the case. I was unaware of the known issue but now I have a clue. Thank you for the heads up. I have no problem with un-checking those items in automap. I rarely use that functionality right now anyway. I find it easier to manually map CC’s for automation or control anyway, rather than staring at the display on the SL and figuring out what is mapped where.