Meter doesn't match imported measure

I am running into this a lot when importing XML files. Where the recognition was incorrect and put too many beats in a measure, Dorico will throw up a signpost indicating the prevailing meter. Is this a warning? One would expect to see the new meter shown, in this case, 4/4.
4 beats in 3:4

I found the answer in another post. Apparently the red signpost is a warning.

John, where did you find the answer?

There were several threads. The following was maybe the longest:

If you insert a meter in a measure to be able to clean up the previous measure (without making a mess) a red flag pops up. If you then hide the meter when the situation returns to normal, Dorico keeps the red flag in place. But you can delete these redundant red flags by clicking on them, which turns them a darker red, and then pressing delete.

It would be useful to see the offending XML file. My guess is it would show a malformed bar. I don’t think Dorico will insert an explicit time signature if one is not present in the XML file.

Yes, the original OCR recognition made by SmartScore Pro 64 got it wrong and I didn’t catch it. Note that the voice colors in m. 9 show that it considers the tenor part to be part of the bass voice and thus added an extra beat to the measure. I am learning that it is important to catch errors like this in SmartScore before importing into Dorico, which does an excellent job of importing rhythmically correct MusXML files. I’ve been very impressed with that. Correcting in SmartScore is simply a matter of changing the voice color, which I also find impressive. SmartScore’s error is understandable since rests are not present on the first two beats of the tenor part.

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