Meter lag in Cubase 12 Pro

Hello, I would like to know if there is any correlation between ASIO GUARD setting and meter lagging in Cubase 12 Pro. I have noticed when changing the ASIO Guard parameter from normal to high that the meters start lagging quite a bit. Regardless of whether I have them displayed in the small window at the bottom (ALT F3) or in the large window (F3). Changing Asio Guard to normal, improves the performance of the meters. I don’t know if maybe the graphics card drivers are responsible for this or Cubase itself. I currently have an NVIDIA RTX3050 card and installed drivers that Windows 11 itself uploaded during system installation. Rather, they are Game Ready drivers but I don’t think changing the drivers to Studio will change anything here. Has anyone noticed similar problems with meter lagging ? Thanks.

My impression (take with a huge grain of salt) is that ASIO Guard is going to prioritize audio processing above everything else. Updating the screen graphics probably falls in the “everything else” category.

Also here’s a recent thread on gaming drivers impact on DAWs.

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