meter not reacting properly to audio/signal!! (video of issue)

on some of the channels, the meter does not properly correspond to the audio.

for example. on a kickdrum channel; the meter sometimes doesnt register all kicks. it seems random. its like it skips a kick from time to time, resulting in the meter dropping significantly in between kicks. sometimes it skips 2-3 kicks.

this doesnt happen within the plugins i have loaded on that channel. for example a compressor. it shows everything properly. its just the meter on the fader in the mixer.

nothing is clipping or dropping out, and all the signals are well below 0db.

whats even stranger is the neighbour channel, also a kickdrum with the exact same plugins - works as it should?!
video of issue:
(dont worry, ive muted the audio. and the plugins im using are Trial versions.)

hello ?

I’ve noticed this issue as well.
How long does it take to get a response?

forever. meaning literally forever. i keep finding threads from 2009 and upwards, just completely dead without any answers.

Because this is NOT official Steinberg Support forum, just a user forum and other users either don’t have this problem or don’t care about it.

Most of us don’t notice exactly like you posted in the video simply because once the project is loaded with latency heavy plugins, the meters and other on screen stuff is ahead of the audio anyway because of heavy latency.

Also on another note, could it be that the 2-3 kicks not shown on the meter is actually lower in volume than the rest?

Trial versions of plugins often mute periodically.