meter-note collision bug - panic time

I have two meter changes near the end of a score. The full score looks fine, but in most of the parts the meter draws exactly on top of the 1st note of the measure, for both meter changes.

I can move things around in engrave mode to get it to redraw correctly. But when I return to a previously fixed part it has reverted to the collision.

I’m printing parts at this moment - or was - any help would be dearly appreciated. I’ve attached shots of the score and various states of collision.

thank you

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 10.57.59 AM.png

This happens to me when I place a caesura off-beat. May this be the case for you as well?

That did it! Suggestions on how to place a caesura without causing this problem?

Select the note at the start of the bar following the position at which you want the caesura to appear, and create the caesura from that selection. It will still appear as expected at the end of the previous bar. This is somewhere we need to put some special logic in to make the program do what needs to be done without you needing to understand what’s going on, and that is on our backlog for the future.

thanks Daniel

Whenever y’all tackle this, it would be delightful to read about the logic behind the fix in a Making Notes update. It’s like an engine — half the fun is looking under the hood :slight_smile: