Meter point

Please add an option to switch the meters input pre or post the playback processing in the master section.

EG. I have a surround 5.1 monitor system and I want to listen a stereo program using the L. R and subwoofer.
I can insert a surround processor in the playback section of the master section and send the L and R signals to the sub at -6 dB.
The bad thing is that the surround plugin set all the meters to surround configuration showing 6 channels each.
It’s because the meter point is set post the playback section
It would be very useful an option to set the meter point right after the dither section but before the playback section.

You can set the monitor point “after” the desired slot. Click on these buttons:

This works only on Master section meter, all other meters, Vu meter, phase meter, bit meter etc, stay on 6 channels view…

Image attached

This is a picture frome the user manual.

It’s exactly what happens, all the meters take the signal after the playback processing.

What it needs is an option to monitor the signal after dither. Most of time you need to analyze the signal of the output file not the loudspeakers one.
Meters 2.jpg

There have been many many threads about how the Playback Processing slots should not influence any of the meters, or there should at least be an option to toggle between the current way and a way that doesn’t cause Playplack Processing inserts to influence the variety of metering that WaveLab offers.

I believe this is on PG’s to do list for a future version.

Let’s remember that very few apps even offer a feature like this and while it might have been a slight oversight when the initial idea was implemented, hopefully this can be resolved in the near future. For now, it’s better than most DAWs can do but no doubt there is room to improve.

this is just a little issue to fix
Anyway: Wavelab Forever!

Right now I’m using this to solve the problem