Meter Scale Keeps resetting each time I restart

Any ideas what is causing my preferences (meter scale) to reset each time I restart Cubase? I have attached am image, I am setting to K-14 but it never keeps this preference.

The problem still persists. It keeps defaulting to +3 Db Digital scale, any ideas how to persist the preference to K-14?

Still no update? :man_shrugging:

hi what happens if you save it in a project ?
normaly it should be saved
have you tryed saving your mixer ?
maybe that may work…like save all channs as a preset if that works maybe find a way to save as default
if that works save as template as default…
pls post your findings.
good luck .

Yes, I 've done that, I have a few templates and K-14 was the standard for them all. Regardless of what I do, the setting doesn’t persist. I think it’s a bug, simple write type bug I’m sure. Easily overlooked.


Check if you are running under admin privileges
and if there are some hanging instances of Cubase running


Thanks for the suggestion, did that too. Tried all the usual things such as privileges, did the pref folder exist, setting in the mixer and saving as a preset, template. Does this happen for you?