Meter Settings In N11

I have, until today, successfully been setting LUFS loudness levels within N11 using the Youlean Loudness Meter plugin. The meter readings it provides are exactly matched if the project is saved and YLM is used on the wav files outside N11.

However, today, the readings I get when using YLM outside N11 on newly processed tracks is exactly 3db lower (actually 3 LUFS Integrated and 3db True Peak lower) than the readings inside N11. Outside N11 the readings I get on tracks processed before today are correct. It is just today’s tracks that are exactly -3LUFS and -3db out. Something appears to have changed with the metering within N11 but I can not for the life of me find out what it is. Any help will be much appreciated.

Whenever I see “-3” or “-6” my mind immediately goes to routing, downmix and pan law differences. So I’d doublecheck all of that.

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Do you have the YLM plug inserted on the stereo out bus? Or control room?
Last plug in the chain? Post fader?

Thanks for the replies. I’ve checked all of the routing and the pan law setting etcetera but could find nothing wrong or changed from the previous days - also, all settings match my other previous Nuendo versions. Strangely, everything is working correctly again now, but I don’t know why. The problem could have been pilot error but, in the absence of a black box, I can’t tell what has been going on. Frustrating.