Meter Size

Could someone please tell me how to fix this meter size issue, i have reinstalled, it used to do this in the last version to so I’m not sure what i’m doing wrong. please see attached pic

Have you also deleted the user data folder…?
And maybe provide some information on the system you are on…!?

Sorry i’m on Cubase 10, i don’t know about the data folder.

Oh come on… :unamused:
Windows what?
Mac OS?
Mac OS what?

oh sorry, I’m using windows 10 ,

Make a new pofile in profile manager in cubase and then switch to new one. I think it should help.

Hi Tomek,
thanks, I made a new profile but it didn’t fix it. Any other suggestions ?

Did you delete (or rename) the user data folder?

Before you go there, you could try this: Safe Start Mode

If that doesn’t help, there’s a thing here known as “thrash prefs”, which essentially deletes all of the preferences and the entire setup of Cubase. It can sometimes be the only way to solve certain problems, but it also means you have to set up everthing again from scratch. If you really have no other option, you can do this by quitting Cubase, going to the Windows start menu, Steinberg Cubase 10, User Settings Data Folder, and deleting the lot. Use with caution at your own risk. No animals were harmed during the making of this forum post.

Thanks everyone, i tried all your suggestions but no luck, so i uninstalled , deleted all Steinberg stuff , re installed and now its all working.