Meter with broken subdivision

So I have this great 4+3/4 bar thingy going on here, but the subdivisions just decided to misbehave and no matter what I do, I cannot get it correct itself… Perhaps one of the bright minds here can tell me what I might be doing wrong??

  [Here's a GIF](

Thanks! –π

Terribly sorry for the offtopic, but… how do you guys do that snazzy screencast directly to gif?

Why do you have Forced duration activated? Was the music entered using it?

Music was not entered with Force Duration… (although sometimes I’m strong with the Force!)

I use gifox, it’s really great!

It seems to me that when you add the dashed barline, you split the bar in two with a hidden time signature in the second half. The first half is now an incomplete bar. With incomplete bars, Dorico seems to remove the beginning of the bar rather than the end (this is logical for pick-up bars). Therefor - the two first notes are actually at the end of the bar.

As you can see in the attached screenshot, 3+4/4 gives you what you want, because you have specified that the end of the bar should be grouped in 4. :confused:

As shown in example C, another way to achieve what you want is by specifying alternating meters (write “4/4 + 3/4” in the popover). If you change the middle barline from solid to dashed now, Dorico maintains the alternating meter property.

To make everything look and behave as you want, I’d fix the first bar using the force (pun intended) and add a hidden 4/4+3/4 meter thereafter.

Separating the two time signatures with the “pipe” character
in the popover gives the dashed bar line automatically.

Great, didn’t know that!

I want the structure of the music resultant from the pipe separation, but with “4+3/4” showing in the meter, not “4/4+3/4”… is that possible?

No, it’s not possible, but you can make it appear that way by creating a 4/4|3/4 time signature in the second bar and hiding it; you then only have to “fake” the dashed barline in the first bar, where the 4+3/4 time signature is shown.

Yeah that did it, of course… genius! Thanks Daniel!