metering alignment 0dB

Hi guys noob question, how do I align the metering in mixer – similar to that of ableton. so that the 0dB are aligned.

See below figure


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Attached is image

You cannot align them

And while it might look neat and tidy, there’s no real reason why they should be aligned, since they refer to different things. 0dB on the fader represents unity gain, that is, the point where what comes out is at the same level as what goes in (other things being equal). 0dB on the meter represents 0dBFS. You would usually want you faders close to 0dB, but you also want to have the ability to push the fader above 0dB, so you need room above that level. You do not want your channel signal to go above 0dBFS, or indeed anywhere very near it, so you do not need, or want, space above that level. This is not to say that the Ableton approach is necessarily wrong, merely to explain why the Cubase approach is perfectly logical.

Ok thanks guys, its clear now