metering ideas/wishlist

First of all, I allways loved the standard metering options. I sometimes smile when I hear and see people having a hard time about their metering. But I have some ideas which I think are not that hard to build/implement.
Right now you see more and more shift from RMS to LUFS values and WL supports both, which is great.
I have both te LUFS and peak/RMS metering s floating meters on my second screen.
But it would be cool to have one big (floating) meter that shows LUFS values and peak/RMS/PAN values. So basically, a combined meter.
Even though I love the horizontal look, I can imagine that a vertical option would be more appropriate as well, so maybe make it switchable?
Anyone else has ideas and I hope PG can hop on as well.

Not a lot of people want more metering options I guess.
I know that you can also use the meters vertical BTW, but the text should not be rotated as well, now the text rotates with the meters so I have to tilt my head to actually read it. :wink:

One more question about the fonts in the loudness meter; they are smaller/less easy to read compared to the fonts in the level meter. I mean the values right to the meter (max peak etc). In the levelmeter the fonts are bigger then the fonts in the loudness meter.
Any way to change that?

Agree. A combined meter would be helpful.

+1 on the combined meter idea. I do love the stock metering however… it’s way ahead of the competition.

The main reason I still use Spectrafoo is for a persistent spectrogram (or is it graph?) peak hold setting, and the ability to save/load captured spectra on top of the live window. I think the spectrum graph in WL9 can be set to hold for many seconds, but not indefinitely. I’d like to have a spectrum display I could save/load, able to hold the peak line through start/stop operations. :wink:

We have half the functionality with snapshots. Just need a way to save and load.

snapshots? which sort are you referring to? does a view snapshot hold/recall held peak-levels on the Spectrometer (that’s the WL9 equivalent of the one I use most in Foo)? That’s the stuff – even if I can’t save, as long as I can load a song via playback, and set hold time to song length I’m pretty well off!