Metering in WL 11 - differencies

Hi, a bit confused by differencies I have found when comparing the Master Section meter with Global Analysis results. Maybe I am missing something but I rather think about incorrect behaviour. What is the problem: I used one FX for Loudness maximalization with settings for maintaining True Peak maximum at -0,5 dBTP. The Global Analysis reports OK result. But when playing back the processed file with Master Section bypassed, the meters shows True Peak above 0 dBTP! But when I leave Master Section ON and bypass only FX sections the meter correspond to the Analysis results.
So is there anything wrong or I have a wrong point of view to the overall behaviour?
Thnx for any explanations :slight_smile:
Here are the screenshots related to description above:




Are you using WaveLab 11.0.20?

Hi PG1, Yes - the latest update.


I can reproduce. This must be a mistake of the bypass function because if you un-bypass and remove the plugin, the correct peak values are displayed.
In all cases, if you use the WaveLab independent level meter or Supervision, the correct peak values are also displayed.

:slight_smile: you are perfect! Sorry for my 2 posts in near past where both lead to some real WL problem :wink: I think I can be OK with this - just will use your recommendation or will bypass FXs instead of Master Section itself, this is not blocking for me. I am glad to read my considerations are correct and that was the main goal! :smiley:
Thanx PG1 and kind regards!


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