Metering Sources

What I really would love is that the Master Metering in the controlroom and also the external metering (which I use for Pinguin Audio Meter on a separate PC) could show other sources, not only the master output. E.g. mediabay previews, external inputs and also files played back in the Sample editor.
A “controlroom” switch would do the trick, everything heard through the controlroom is shown on the meters.
Common feature on larger consoles.
What do you think?

What do you mean? With the control room active, signals are sent to the control room allowing you to meter them individually (via listen bus) if you want.

You can also set up multiple control room monitor paths with different inserts for different metering plug-ins if you want too.

Thanks likelystory, I never thought about inserting my external metering as external effect plugin to the CR path. That would show me all signals and previews on my meter, true!
Still not on the master meter in the CR. This meter gets the same input as the Metering Channel in the CR .

Regarding the idea of external metering as insert I do not like that the signal I listen to has to make the roundtrip to my metering computer and back. This is not so much of an issue if you use a metering plugin of course. But
I think metering should still be connected via the appropriate metering channel.

Two examples why this is so important to me:
I have looped back my Windows output to the “external” input of the CR.
So I can listen to other applications (RX, Wavelab, Browser) through the Nuendo control room.
I often want to see the phase correlation or level of a previewed mediabay file.
I often edit footage in the sample editor and want to analize this visually with my metering.

So I would really like to have these signals routed also to the Metering Channel path.