Metering speed, show meter bridge, master always visible

I would like it to be like in Cubase 5

In Cubase 9 the default speed is way too slow.

The setting for this is found in the Cubase>File>Preferences>Metering menu.

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Good Sir, thank you for your reply! Could you tell me also where can I enable mix-console look like on Cubase 5 picture, where meters are big in place under faders. Can’t find it in Cubase 9.

You mean above faders ? If so, click on small downward pointing arrow on mixer toolbar (top right) and activate ‘meter bridge’.

Thanks a lot! Jeez, I clicked everything but missed that!

And the last last last question, if you ever check this tread again: how to make master channel (Stereo Out on the screenshot) in mixer “always visible”, not scrollable (like in Cubase 5, yes, again xD). I don’t want it ever hide behind the edge of window.

One last question… yeah right. None of us ask one last question. :wink:

  • Make sure that the “Window Zones Control” section is visible in the mixconsole toolbar. You do this by clicking on the “Setup Toolbar” button (looks like a gear on the right side).
  • Click to show the left zone in the “Window Zones Control” section.
  • In the left zone (“Visibility” tab) the stereo out channel must be chosen.
  • In the left zone (“Zones” tab) is where you choose to have each channel visible by clicking on the left or right button.
  • You can then close the left zone completely if you want.
  • Save your mixconsole config in the “Channel Visibility Configuration” section which you may also have to add by clicking on the “Setup Toolbar” button.

Another mixconsole is available in the lower zone of the project window. In my opinion, it is not as robust as the separate mixconsole window. So I don’t use it. If you are using the lower zone mixconsole then the procedure above may not be the same (I’m not sure as I won’t use it until Steinberg makes it robust, or even better than, the seperate mixconsole window.

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how did you do that video ?

Gif whatever it is please :smiley:

@Prock I don’t use lower zone, thanks a lot!