Meters and copy paste offline processing

Hi everyone i have three questions about the offline processing.
I´m planning on processing a large amount of samples in Cubase and i think the offline processing might be a good way to go.
1- From what i seem when i insert compressors or any other type of processor that has a VU meter , gain reduction meter , graphically it doesn’t move.
2 - Is there a way to copy and paste the offline processing to a normal insert in Cubase?
3- Is possible to have processing versions? chain versions or anything that can do various versions of processing in the offline mode?


1 - i just realized i can play inside the offline processing instead of the normal space bar timeline and it shows all meters.
3 - the 4 banks of favourites will do the magic for now.

MIssing point 2

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No sorry, there is not.

i @Martin.Jirsak Thanks for your fast reply.
I just got a crash using the external insert inside the offline processing :frowning:
Regarding the point 2, that would be welcome :smiley: Thanks.