Meters Freeze after 10 Seconds or So

This problem started yesterday, it occurs in both new and old montages.

Im using a Apple M1 Air (Big Sur) with an external computer monitor.

After about 10 seconds, my various meters (level, loudness, spectroscope, etc.) all freeze in place, even when my audio continues to play.

I am currently using version 11.1, but I also noticed it on the previous version.

Could you provide printscreens or video?

I can’t seem to link to a dropbox video link or upload .mov here directly, so I’ll have to look into that at some point and get a video for you.

FWIW, if I paste a Dropbox link to a video, this happens:

Is the rest of the WaveLab UI responsive or is the whole UI freezer (eg. can you click buttons?)


Audio Device, internal/external sync
buffert size, many channels/plug-ins, big montage etc !?

regards S-EH

Yes, I can click buttons and still interact with the program.

No plugins being used, very small montages, maybe 1-5 songs, all synced to my AD converter.

What do you mean with that?

I was answering S-EHansson’s question. I simply meant that the clock from my AD converter is the master for my system.

Try to increase the latency of the playback. Eg. increase the asio guard size in the WaveLab preferences.

I’ve adjusted the asio guard size. The problem remains.