Meters Freeze Hold

so I downloaded 10.0.4 and now I have this new behavior when I’m making adjustments to frequency bands in the compressor in the master rig the minute i click and hold something all the meter activity stops/freezes/holds until i release the mouse then it starts moving again. Please tell me theres a setting to correct this and stop this from happening.

What operating system are you using. High Sierra?

windows 10
it doesn’t happen if I turn knobs with a mouse, but only when I try to make adjustments in the window of a plugin where it shows the frequency wave with a mouse click

Ah, maybe PG can weigh in. I’ve seen this happen in earlier versions of WaveLab on Mac but usually only when the CPU is very stressed out, but that problem has been cleared up.

I don’t have a Windows machine here to test on.

If the problem is limited to the MasterRig, this is probably a MasterRig issue.

Im not sure if its limited to master rig, i only know it didnt happen in the previous version, it only started happening after the upgrade to 10.0.4