Meters in mixer slow/low FPS/not fluent


Title pretty much says it all. My meters seem slow/jittery in their movements or in other words: they look like they’re operating at a very low FPS.

It’s not like they’re not giving the right values, it’s just that for some reason I find fluidly moving meters much easyer to read.

Anyone ever noticed this, and is there a way to remedy this? A fader FPS setting or something?

I would expect this might happen when the system is heavily bogged down by processes, but Audio performance is at a steady 25%, so I’m confident it’s not performance related.


I would like to add that, I’ve been noticing this for quite a while now, and I have no idea if it’s related to an update, or anything ‘new’ in my system, or if maybe it has allways been like this, I just simply failed to notice before.

If this last thing is the case, I guess you could call this a feature request - Highten meter refresh rates.

I saw that on my old computer and it was definitely a problem with how much I loaded it. Not so much the amount of tracks or the processing on those tracks but rather what I had going on in terms of metering in general. If I pulled up 2-3 instances of Izotope Insight and maybe one of their plugins - with 1 or more of them having a spectrogram view or even just the spectrum view the meters would get choppy. On that computer I would have to close windows with those items on them and then maybe even have to either wait a bit or reload the project.

With my new computer no such problems yet.

So I would investigate which plugins you have open and what type of ‘processing’ they do to show metering, and then maybe look into graphics settings (?)…

Hi Mattias,

Thanks for your reply! See this is where it gets iffy, because of course performance was my first guess! Thing is, I’m working on a dedicated, custom built DAW system that’s not very old yet, and I didn’t pick the budget option either. So apart from a very thought out hardware plan, it’s got some tweaks under the hood as well. Not to boast, but to give you an idea of it’s performance; when it comes to running plugins, or instruments I have yet to meet a colleague even close to what I’m able to run at ridiculously low sample rates, virtually latency free, and the meters run far from smooth in even a simple 1 stereo channel project.

Second thing - graphics settings. First thing I checked was my monitors refresh rate, and it’s set to 59.something hz, zo that can’t be it. Then - as I’ve had problems with plugin GUI’s in the past - I checked windows’ scaling settings and they’re nicely set to 100%. The only thing I haven’t done is update my graphics drivers to nVidia’s latest, however I don’t think it’s a lot more then 3 months ago I did that, not to mention I keep my Windows updates on, and as far as I know they come with nVidia drivers. Might not me the latest but they’re usually not that far behind.

Any ideas about graphics settings in particular worth checking?

I’d have to sit down and take a look, it’s been a while since I set it up.

But have you noticed a difference when having the types of displays I talked about open?

Would it be possible to make a short recording of this? That would be very helpful.
Do you have a second graphics card in your computer? (For example an integrated graphics card from Intel?)