Meters not working in Dolby Atmos setting

Hi guys,

Currently working on a Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 project and monitoring through headphone.
With that setup all the meters beside the output 7.1.4 and the Ambi group(for monitoring-receiving signal from the 7.1.4 group) are not working. Get sound of course but the meters are not showing any activities.
Not sure if I did something wrong but I do ear sound, everything look like working properly beside the meters.

Any idea?


Or set meters to post Fader, with post Panner metering the object channel meters will not show anything.
I’d like to see proper pre fader metering in Nuendo though…


Hey thanks Dirx for your reply. Unfortunately Faders are already setup to post.
Though today when I turned on the PC again and open the project, meters was back…
Looks like a bug as last day I did reboot the PC and it didn’t change anything.
Another bug…

Saw this old “meter bug” pop up on MacOS just last week (N11). Had to quit and re-open the project to get the meters back.

Is there any news about this?

I’m in Nuendo 12.0.40 and I have the same problem.

And also if you add the audio track as objects in the ADM the LFE knob disappear from the panner

i can see the meter only when opening the Multi Panner, not appearing in the main mixer also. @Phil_Pendlebury, do you know about that?

Me, also. No channel meters registering in mixer for objects. Very disconcerting.

So, Global Meter settings need to be “Post-Fader” not “Post-Panner”.

No post-panner levels are shown in the actual panner, which is indeed disconcerting, but that I assume is because panning as actually being handled in the Renderer. This takes a lot of getting used to!

Yes the signal is sent to the renderer by a “send” so you must use post in order to see something useful. (If you scroll down on your send rack you will see the sends).

Old live stream here: Mixing Music in Dolby Atmos with Nuendo | Nuendo Livestream - YouTube Nuendo 11 but still relevant to Cubase. It is a as usual a bit waffly as it was streamed live originally.

New stream this month all about Atmos in v12. Sep 28th.