meters on plugins freeze and unfreeze randomly+meter latency

meters on the new plugins (didn’t test it on old ones yet) are freezing every few seconds
open quadrafuzz 2/multiband compressor /vst bass amp / play some audio through it,meters freezes randomly

(seems yesterday it was alright or i didn’t notice it than)

I am having this same problem, with the multiband compressor and the expander. The meters completely stop moving every couple of seconds.

On Windows 7 64 bit.

I tested on my system, and I do not have the freezing meters issue, but I see a huge latency between the sound and the meters - half a second minimum. I tried them individually, and chained, same result. I’ll play with buffer settings and see if it improves.

me too… now the meters shows all the time and no freeze (don’t know why )
i did some experiments,with Asio guard on/off and different buffer settings and the latency on meter display present all the time but with steinbergs own plugin only, new and old !
checked few third party plugins and their meters reacts as should be !!!
(i edited the title for the latency )

Me too here. Not freeze, but lot of latency in meters with these plugins.

here it says update to the latest graphic card driver to solve latency on control room meters (it solved the control room meter problem for someone in other forum)
maybe this should solve the plugins meter latency also ?? (altough my control room meters are OK)
(i will update later, not in front of my DAW right now)

check and see if you have a duplicate/extraneous C8 process running.

I’ve been getting the latency and stuttering too, posted about it in the Issues forum.

Updated my graphics(Intel HD4000) now per recommendation, thankfully there was an update and it seems to have solved it!

Hope it works for you guys!

EDIT: Not working, issue only appears on certain projects, both older projects and C8 projects.

I had this problem too, and after a restart of the computer, worries disappeared. Try to restart your computer, or reinstall cubase 8 and restart the computer.

Don’t reinstall cubase.

Yes it is true that the cubase reinstall is only when restarting the computer will solves nothing, as stated in my previous message.

i updated my graphic cards driver… tested on few steinberg plugins and all seems to be good now :slight_smile:

I had the meter lag in the control room and in built-in plugins. Graphic (nvidia) update on running system didn’t solve this for me. But additional Win7 updates and multiple system re-starts helped, followed by re-adjustments of the meter-‘velocity’ (dB/sec) in the preferences. Running fine now. Like it.

Ahh…I think this is probably the same issue I posted here:

I included a couple of screen-capture vids (via dropbox) of it happening.


I’ve made an official issue report with video on this bug here:

If this is indeed the same bug, please leave a comment on the thread so that SB can put it in the confirmed issues list. As far as I can tell, this appears to be a bug unique to certain PC configurations, but so far not sure what’s causing it.

You’re having a video problem yet an important piece of information in this regard is missing in your sig - what video card?

Never mind, I found the solution; Windows update. I was apparently missing a recent patch. Anyway, it wasn’t the GPU that was causing the problem. :wink:

I cannot use the Cubase master metering anymore because it is lagging and stuttering so much.

im not sure why, but the stuttering on steinberg plugins meters and CR meter are here again from while to while !!