Meters showing incorrect peak values

I noticed that Cubase is showing incorrect peak values in mixer. I was comparing mixer values with izotope insight and many other fx. Plugins have same peak all the time but cubase mixer is showing different peaks even with same waveform.
I attached simple screenshot example showing this behaviour.

Any ideas how to solve it???


Are you sure the peak values are taken from the same point in the mixer; pre or post fader, pre or post insert effects?

Yes, I’m sure.

Like i said, even if i’m taking waveform with highest peak -0.5. First time i playing it Cubase is showing -5.6, but when i reset meters and play it once again it is showing -2.3 ,one more and peak is -1.2 (it seems like values are random)
I don’t have this problem with Cubase 9, value is always the same.

Today i found what is causing this behaviour. Problem only exist when using 64-bit floating precision engine, when i change it to 32-bit everything is working fine.

Cubase bug :frowning:.