meters slow (only on release)

Is there anyway to get the mix console meters (it’s the same in the meter bridge and the channel settings window too) to settle any quicker? I assume it’s not a latency issue or a bug which other people seem to have experienced because the meters react fine on the attack, but they take an awfully long time to settle back down to nothing; even with a very brief sound like a heavily gated, dry cowbell. I’m using version 7.06 and I’ve tried adjusting “Metering=> Appearence” in preferences (Both “Meters peak hold time” and “Meters fallback”) to no avail and I’ve no idea what else I could try. Thank you

Changing the meter fallback in the preferences section works fine for me here… are you definitely pressing the apply button after you have made the change?

The default fallback rate is set where it is at more or less an industry standard setting which is meant to relieve eye strain amongst other things, I believe! :open_mouth:

Thanks. Yes I’ve definitely pressed apply. If it’s an “industry standard” then I’m perhaps just expecting something which nobody else does. It’s not a deal breaker for me either really, I’d just like it to be a bit quicker. Now, Cubase may have made a small contribution but my mum says that my eye strain is the result of something else entirely :blush: .

the meter fall backs work perfectly here on win 7 -64 I have the fall back set to 40db and the peak set to 1500 as I like to look at all the detail precisely as it’s recorded/ played back :wink:

That’s it… 40db/s! I’ve no idea what happened but the best I got earlier was 22db or something. I feel a bit stupid now :smiley: . Thank you so much G-string.

So she obviously wasn’t fooled when you told here those books under yr bed were Steinberg manuals… :wink:

no problem , there’s nothing worse that having to drink a bottle of whiskey while your meters reset :wink: enjoy :smiley: