Meters wacko in Arrange view

The meters for midi tracks in C11 are high on drugs or something (:-))

They don’t accurately follow the data being played, and they act as if there’s data playing when there is none. up and down not in relation to actual midi data. They move on the initial note on but fall back even if the note is still playing. I tried adjusting the meter settings but thy are working fine in the mixer, this is just in the arrange window.

Nothing else so far.

I don’t know for sure, but check to see if the meter is just responding to certain MIDI CC’s… for example just note on’s, and off’s, not responding to sustain messages as note duration, etc.

Remember… the meter in the mixer is monitoring the audio output of your VSTi, not the MIDI messages as in the arrange window.

The audio output of the instrument is monitoring fine. I just notice that certain instruments’ meters like Kontakt 6, Halion 6, etc. are showing incorrectly next to the midi tracks. Even showing signals when there is no data on that track. Srange, because some VSTi’s are not exhibiting this behavior. Garritan is fine, my Arturia VSTi’s are fine, Groove Agent 5 is fine, etc. I’ll keep checking to see if I can post more info.

I’m loving working in Cubase 11!! Did something change in the audio engine? Everything sounds clearer and more transparent. (haha I sound like a reviewer for Mix magazine)

Okay… I don’t have Cubase 11, so I can’t check to confirm… sorry!

Just thought I would offer what confused me when I first noticed the difference between MIDI, and Audio tracks. Again, sorry I wasn’t able to help!

Good Luck!

Hi Al:

No need to apologize, you embarrass me! I appreciate your responding. When you get Cubase 11 you will love it. It’s wonderful. The more I use it the more I love it. Midi track meters be damned!! :laughing: