Method Book Help/How to create multiple instances of separate staves?

Hi all, I’m developing a few educational sheets for some piano students (it might turn it into a mini book I use with future students) on elementary piano methods and music theory. I might like to have some of those little nursery rhyme songs, one or two per page, with some text and pictures in between. Can I have multiple pages like this within the same Dorico project? I’m wondering what the best way in Dorico is to create a page that has multiple separate staves… Is it through creating multiple Flows? Or is it through creating numerous Piano “Players” or “Layouts”? Or is it as simple as putting a double bar line at the end and Dorico creates a new one? It seems a bit odd to have created ~10 Flows to use in separate Frames over a few pages but maybe that’s how it goes?
Looking forward to your suggestions and assistance.

Divorce yourself from the idea that a flow is a large music blob like a movement. It’s whatever you want, so if it solves your problem and fits your logical structure for the document go for it.

Yes, you should treat each of these as separate flows.

If you have consistent page layouts, create a master page with music frames and text frames on it.

I have done numerous books for education using Dorico, and yes… I concur with Dan, each flow should be a new exercise and that master pages are the way to go.

You will have to use master pages to help develop your layout, and the use of separate flows will allow for EASY editing and changing in case you need to make edits. In the master pages, you can also add graphic boxes for graphics that will occur on every page. If you need to add different graphics per page, you would need to do that outside of the master page graphics.

Master pages can really be a time saver here. And I would recommend you look into how to use them (plenty of YouTube tutorials, etc.).


Excellent, thanks so much Dan & Robby!