Method to show instrument numbers as a range instead of every number?


I have a requirement to display the horn section on two staves. The first stave is for horns 1 to 6, and the second is for horns 7 to 12. Using custom condensing, the display is as expected. Two staves with all the instrument numbers listed on each line, with “Horn” in the middle of the two staves:

Now, is there a way to get it to display like this:


Lastly, here is a photo of what I am trying to achieve:


Thank you

Welcome to the forum, @Zaralyyth. Dorico doesn’t provide this as an option at the moment, but it’s definitely something we want to add in future.

Got it. Thank you for the reply

@dspreadbury just want to confirm that there is no workaround to avoid this type of graphical issue given your above statement? (I am using 12 single players to form two divisi sections of 6, so that the “a6” appears in the correct spot automatically)


Unfortunately there’s no good solution to this right now that I’m aware of.