Metrenome Marking Placement in Tempo Text

Is there support at this time to put the metronome marking at the start of a tempo object? If not do, could it be added in the future? I like to put the metronome markings before any description (especially if it is lengthy) because I feel the mark is much more important than any sort of expressive text in my scores.

Or on a second line below or above.


Neither of these is possible at the moment, but to achieve your desired result, Jasper, you could create two tempo items at the same rhythmic position, and Dorico should position them above/below each other automatically.

Yup, I know Daniel but for the future would be a nice addition in the properties panel.


Just tried and if you insert a new tempo object at the same spot it deletes the first one, so I can’t have two
unless using another position and move it in engrave mood…