Metric Halo / Make Believe Studios Sontec EQ Plugin

i am not able to find / locate the Sontec MES 432 Plugin in wave lab pro 11.

I can find it in all my other daw’s, but I cannot make it appear in wavelab.


Did you search with the full-text search in the plugin list?
In the plugin preferences, check if you find it there. If yes, click on it and relaunch WaveLab, for it to be evaluated again.

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This plugin is not VST3 yet. They only have a VST2 version and while I can’t speak for Windows, on Mac, you have to use WaveLab in Rosetta mode to use VST2 plugins if you’re on a newer M1/M2 Mac.

Any reasonable plugin developer should have a VST3 version available by now, but that’s just my opinion.

The death of VST2 was announced some time ago, and VST3 has been around nearly forever now (in software years).

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Hey Justin, thanks for the reply. I just found out that they only have the vst2 version available…
completely incomprehensible.
A bummer since it really sounds nice.

Yes. I have been waiting to try this plugin since it has been getting great reviews.

A few months ago they told me they could send me a VST3 beta version “very soon” but it never happened.

I’m sure the plugin sounds good but sometimes it’s hard to trust smaller plugin companies because they only have so much time/resources.

I can’t imagine releasing a plugin in 2022 or 2023 that is VST2 only but they did it.

There are a few plugins like Metaplugin that allow you to load any plugin inside of it, but to me that’s an invitation for other errors.

Hopefully they eventually release a VST3 version, or you can try WaveLab in Rosetta mode and accept the performance decrease just to use this plugin.

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It is out as VST3 for Mac and Windows now.

Interestingly, we only shipped it as VST3 for Windows, and immediately got requests for VST2 to work with current Windows hosts that don’t support VST3.


I did some rendering tests with the initial VST3 release and found a minor issue with some rendering scenarios in WaveLab, but I’m happy to report that they fixed the issue in about 24 hours and I think the public update with that fix will be available very soon.

It’s a very good sounding plugin, and so far support for this plugin is impressive.


:+1: The update is posted now.

I guess I can’t post a link but you can get it from the downloads page from the mhlabs . com site or from the Make Believe site…


The plug in sounds great and works just like the hardware…


What about the other MH bundle plugins to VST3? Can we get beta’s - I emailed back again after some emails in 2022… :grimacing: