Metrico, Figurato etc.

Hi together!

I just updated to D3 and I must say that I appreciate it. Great work, thanks!
I’m on Mac and was hopeful, that the updated QT-framework makes “metrico” an “figurato” fonts run. I got the impression that they’re still weird. Any suggestions?

Thanks, Ben

I haven’t tested them on Mac in D3, but as far as I know, both fonts should work now, Ben.
Can you post a screenshot of the weird results you’re seeing?

I suppose we should install the “non-mac only” fonts now?

Given that it works, you should use the ‘normal’ versions Figurato or FiguratoB now, regardless of your OS.

Thanks Florian! I’ll try them.

I just tried it out again. Now everything runs perfectly. Maybe I was too nervous when I tried it out for the first time – or I forgot to restart my Computer. Sorry for the initial post.


No worries! I’m glad it works for you now.
(Though I’ll admit that you got me a little worried.)

I’m a very happy user of Figurato. The intelligent stacking of figures and symbols is a great joy to use. Great job, Florian, many thanks again for this brilliant effort!

But there still is something weird in Print Mode, for which I think Florian is not to blame. Export to PDF works flawlessly, and viewing the preview of a print layout in Print Mode is also correct with regard to the vertical stacking of Figurato glyphs. But when I actually print on paper (using the right-hand facilities in Print mode), the result is as if I had mistakenly used an old version of Figurato in an old version of Dorico. The stacking order is wrong again (but only on paper). It’s as if the Qt framework wasn’t updated for the print routines.
After installing the Dorico 3 update, I re-installed the latest version of Figurato from GitHub, just to be sure (the ordinary one this time, not the Mac-only version that was necessary in D2). Restarted my Mac.
It’s definitely not a problem I can’t overcome, because I tend to distribute PDFs to fellow musicians anyway.

The attachments show the preview in Print Mode and the actual print on paper. I include a minimalised version of the project.

BWV 115 (363 KB)

Thank you, Pjotr, for your kind words.

I guess this should be reported to the Qt developers. Daniel, since you reported the bug in the first place, would you forward this? If you’re too busy, I’ll do it myself, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable because I don’t know what’s going on under the hood.

I’ve reopened the relevant bug (QTBUG-69803) and hopefully the developers at Qt will review this again soon.

Thank you, Daniel.

I’m also having the same problem with Figurato and Dorico 3 (I’m new to both) though with a subtle difference. To be clear: the figured bass appears perfectly in D3 Print Mode, but when I print to paper stacked figures are inverted. E.g. 6 above 3 becomes 3 above 6. However, unlike PjotrB, the same problem also occurs when I export to PDF.

Thanks to all contributors on this thread.

So what’s the verdict? Stick to the Mac-only version of Figurato or will this also produce the same problem when printing?

How are you generating your pdfs, with Dorico’s built-in graphic export or with an external pdf printer?

The Mac version should work fine.

However, if you can export correct pdfs and if you can live with not being able to physically print from within Dorico for now, I would strongly recommend that you switch to the normal version. (You are missing all the fun stuff: parentheses, glyph variants, refined accidental positioning, unlimited combinations… At any rate I won’t add missing figures to the workaround version anymore.)

Through Dorico: in Print Mode, I choose the ‘Print’ button, and then ‘Save as PDF’

Don’t do that! Instead Export Graphic—PDF.

That works fine now. Thank you very much, Dan.

Yes, I thought so.
So far as I have understood, the bug has managed to stay alive in the Qt printing module, so it will affect anything that’s sent that way, regardless of whether the printer on the other end is a real one or not. Graphic export takes a different route.

I’m glad that it works for you now! Do let me know if you run into any other problems.

Thank you Florian