Metronom and other dubs in my new recording track?

Hi Folks,

I am using Cubase 5 and work with a liitle 8 channel soundcard (usb), which recieves my line out channel from my amp. Mic and Guitar is hooked up to the Amp. I set my VST connections to the USB in and output so I can record via audio card and also listen to it through the head phones.

I am a Greenhorn and just want to set up a little home recording, but now I have trouble to get started. I am also using reason 5 rewire, with it to add midi sounds. I hope will at least.

What happens is that the metronom can be turend on for playback and recording. I I have play turned on then it stops doing its thing while I am recording which sucks. When I activate the recording funtion (having metronom while recording) then it is in my recorded track.

But not only the metronom, even any other track I have just recorded gets recorded again while I am recording a new track.

Please I do need help or my little recording session fails right there - before it even started, I tried to listen to tutorilas on youtube but it does not help.

Grandioso :bulb: