Metronome acting bizarre

I’m concerned there could be an internal midi conflict or something going on that is causing the metronome to skip beats. In certain parts of the song the metronome will drop out for a beat, or even several beats at a time, and there doesn’t seem to be much of a pattern. I have 5 midi tracks, 1 plug in and a video file. What could possibly go wrong! :laughing:

I’ve double checked metronome settings, and the metronome functions correctly in other parts of the file. This is a fresh new file i created because I was experiencing the same problem on an older file. I assumed the old file might be corrupted.

Yes, I’m using the tempo track and it is set to 96 BPM. Nothing fancy going on.

It is because the metronome is in fact a hybrid instrument/midi device and it’s “output” is applied at the very end of the signal chain hence it’s priority is low.

I also found that if I turn the click off in the middle of the song, it keeps going for a while before stopping…o boy…routing issue?

I think I may have just solved this. I had the control room activated and both my headphones and monitors had the clik activated and listen enable etc.

Turned off the clik on the headphones and its working normal again