Metronome after Songswitching not in Sync on mobile devices


wie use VSTL today at our band rehearsal the first time.
If we switch from one song 180bpm to another song with 75bpm, the metronome on 2 iphone + 1 ipad are out of sync at songstart. This is reproducible.
Switch to another song with same bpm, 180 to 180 there is no issue.

Workaround close the App on devices complete and restart the mobile app, then the metro is in sync with the tempo from current song.

btw. i test the trial since one week daily, with no crashes at home, at rehearsal 2x CTD with no Message. On the same Laptop.

Will check.

Do you have different audio interfaces? Something must be different?
Also pls. try again with the upcoming version (within the next days we hope), we always fix potential problems.

the only difference was, another wlan accesspoint with more mobile devices.

So you are using VST Live Modules at the same time? If so, in both places?

no, not yet, we use yesterday only the metronome function on devices. in future we will use the complete app, with notes, lyrics, modules for tabs etc.

my bandmembers found the programm very usefull (if it works correctly) and we buy the pro version in a few days.

i have 3 crashdumps found on the laptop from the rehearsal. if it help, where can i send it?

Send it as a PM (private message) to me, or to m.spork(at), thank you!

seems the new version 1.1.40 fixed it. tests at home are fine.

Great, good to know!

Not here, but your mileage my vary?

  • new project
  • set tempo to 180
  • add Song
  • set tempo to 75
  • select Song 1, start, Metro follows 180
  • select Song 2, start, Metro follows 75

…on 2 devices simultaniously.
No? If not, what are you doing differently (assuming you have the latest versions)?

the desync and the post from me, was with vers. 1.1.30
with vers. 1.1.40 it works now.

Ok and thanks!