Metronome audiofile

In Metronome setup one can choose wether to use a mididevice as clicksource or the horrible and deafening “BEEP!!! BEEP!!!”. Or import a sound to use as an internal click.
I would prefer the BEEP to be deleted and replaced in a few standard samples. A choice between cowbell, claves, shakers, maybe a kick on One.
This would be so practical not having to locate samples.
Or does anyone prefer the Beep?

I agree, a nice cow bell or some other choices would be a real nice touch…


For me personally, I like the beep. I find it cuts through any mix nicely and I can hear it even when it’s quiet enough so that it doesn’t bleed into the headphones. I’ve worked with a few people who like the beep, but most people certainly like to change it up. I often end up using a conga drum sound of some sort in the L7. Seems easy enough to load it up.

Having said all that, I’m totally all for a few other options that could simply be selected from the metronome setup window. Anything that makes the workflow a little easier is a good thing.


anybody want to share some good metronome sounds here?


Here’s a few I found ;

Thanks flunki! I’ll try these out…