Metronome automation (mute)

Maybe a future update will allow users to mute the metronome with automation.

I often have to press c at the last down beat while recording acoustic drums to avoid click bleed as the cymbals fade. With hot pickups in the control room I have to do the same mute for guitars or bass.

It would be convenient if the metronome could be automated to mute in these instances. If the metronome appeared as an audio track our routed through an audio track I guess that can also work.

Is this feature available now?

Create a click track, could be a workaround, then automate volume on that…

From manual p232
"Creating a Click Track

Do one of the following:

Select Project > Signature Track > Render Audio Click between Locators.

Select Project > Signature Track > Render MIDI Click between Locators.


An audio track containing an audio event with the click is added to your project. The levelcorresponds to the Audio Click Level setting on the Click Sounds page of the MetronomeSetup dialog.

A MIDI track containing a MIDI part with the click is added to your project. The output ofthe MIDI track is routed to the MIDI output port that you set up on the Click Sounds pageof the Metronome Setup dialog.

This is a pretty good solution for now. thanks for the reply!

Good idea… :wink:

Regards :sunglasses: