Metronome (basic Q)

The other day I fired up my laptop and lo-and-behold Cubase 7 acted as if I’d just installed it. It even asked me about rego’, I’ve been using it since August.

It’s some how lost a lot of the pre sets that I’d developed over time.

One of them was having the metronome tick for 4 bears before actually beig in to record. I can’t seem to find how to reset it through reading the manual. Can anyone help me?

I’ve got other questions but I’ll save that for another later day.

Has anyone else experienced Cubae pretty much deciding for itself to start over? I’m the only oen that uses my computer.

This happens sometimes, when something gets corrupted. Do yourself a favor, and back up your entire Cubase prefs folder, so if this happens again, you can just delete the “new” folder, and replace it with the old.

For the metronome, that is in the Metronome Setup. I am not in front of v7 right now; in v5, that’s avail from the Transport menu. I assume v7 is the same. You can also assign a KC to that panel.


Thanks Jeff.

I had some great presets arranged. So now I pretty much need to ‘feel’ out how to rebuild them. They were mostly built by tweeting current settings, mixing and matching.

Thanks with the help with the metronome. On the upside - I now get to plug my mic into channel 1 and guitae into channel 2. Somehow when I set it up originally I did it the other way! Opps!