Metronome Bus

Forgive me if this has been answered before, but I’ve searched and couldn’t find any satisfactory answers. I want to be able to control the metronome level on a fader. I noticed that in the metronome settings, there are options to send the click to different audio outputs. So I created a new bus called “metronome” and selected that in the metronome options. As far as I can tell, this accomplished absolutely nothing. The click does come out from the outputs assigned to the bus, but there’s no fader control at all. It’s like it bypasses the channel and just uses its output assignments. This seems really impractical. Surely there’s a way to get the metronome to properly route to a bus?


Make sure Control Room is enabled. Then you can control the Click sound of every single Control Room bus in the Control Room window. For every single one, there is the Click Level Slider available.