Metronome 'click' all of the sudden NOT consistent

Been using this software for a long time and have never seen this issue. In metronome set up all looks right. But here is the behavior:

Turn on Metronome and I’ll get a click on ‘1’ and maybe ‘3’ and the ‘4’ of the next bar and then usually within about 3-6 measures it will start clicking on all fours???

Thanks for your help in advance.


I have been using Nuendo since version 1. N1 was rock solid. Ever since then my upgrades with N3 and N4 i have this totally random and unexplainable problem too. It will drop beat 2 and next bar drop beat 3 and/or 4. Totally random.
AND when you go back to that moment in time, it does not do it the same way! Which makes it even funner!

Some sessions i was forced to open REASON simply to have a useable click track.


I have that problem too. Sometimes I miss some “clicks”. Awesome.

I haven’t checked or confirmed this yet, but has anyone else.

This seems like a pretty major bug if it’s real and confirmed ?!

I never had any issue running Nuendo 5 Midi click and a VST instrument as sound generator.
For those having problems are you running the “audio” click ?


Yep, I’m using the internal (and quite ugly) click. I’ll try to change it to an instrument.

Yes it’s the internal nuendo click.

It’s forced me to use a third party virtual instrument like reason to get a reliable click.

Can Fredo or someone confirm this is a bug and get it on the radar. If this is confirmed this bug is serious!

I have the same issue.
Internal “beep” or a sound does the same thing.

It still is, and always will be. I think it’s completely absurd that a $2000 piece of professional production software can’t provide a consistent and reliable metronome. Is this the bizarro planet, or what?

The metronome feature of Nuendo is like something out of the dark ages. There are so many things that are just wrong. I believe that some of the visual aspects (like the grid not having the correct musical grouping) have improved in N5, but from what I can see the metronome is still very basic, and not really suitable for most of what I do. I always have to create my own click track, which is a bit of a waste of time. This is one of the many reasons that I haven’t upgraded to N5, and currently have no plans to do so.


I too have inconsistent clicks using internal click in Nuendo 5… I however dont’ recall having these in Nuendo 4.

The problem with internal and audio click has been there through all of N4 and now also N5.
It must be a bug.

However midi click with both hw midi and VSTi midi works. So use that as a workaround.


Is there any common situation to reproduce this behaviour? I remember having this problem in pre asio times with the mme drivers of my VST5, but never since.

best regards


PS.does this happen with only with the “beep” or if you select your own sound too?

I encountered this problem for the first time yesterday. +1.

So whats the procedure for bugs here in the new forum.

IIRC, in the old forum days, somebody found a bug. Another person confirmed. Several more people would chime in and then Fredo would pass the info along. Is that how it works here?

Can anyone from Steinberg chime in on why the Metronome has problems playing back reliably in a 2011 DAW?
This needs fixed immediately, I mean there is no excuse for a DAW having an unusable metronome.

Happens ONLY with the ‘beep’. BTW when you use a VSTI - N5 doesn’t ‘save’ that and everytime I restart I have to set it up again. Very lame.


Same here when I upgraded to C5 & N5. I switched the metronome to trigger .wav files of clicks to see if it would help but I still get intermittent click tracks. Pretty annoying having to set up a kick drum or other part to have something consistent.

This is still happening for me… And I see in the forum the problem is in Cubase too. Has Steinberg replied to anyone about this yet?

Did you report it thru the support form?

I use the workaround of using two samples and it works great.