Metronome 'click' all of the sudden NOT consistent

For me this workaround does not work.
Also with samples many random clicks are silent.
I really hope that this will be fixed soon, as I don’t want to create a Miditrack first and load an instrument for this.

The more that I work on my Vdrums with an computerkeyboard. The internal click I can switch of with that.
A miditrack with a vsti not.

It should just work.


I’ve never had the problem using samples… but that leads to another bewilderment: why don’t they include decent click samples with the program? I’ve imported my Urei click and other basic, industry standards from Digital Performer, which comes with them.



…since N4 and also using audio samples…
The only way to make it work is to use midi click with a VSTi…not acceptable.
It should work!

I couldn’t get samples to work and midi won’t work if you are using the studio headphone mixes. So far the only solution for me has been to turn off multi-processing, which seems to solve the problem. I believe I read this on the Cubase site?

Of course, without multi-processing I run higher CPU’s. I’m thinking I’ll turn off multi-processing when I start a piece, put in a metronome track with BFD, and as the piece demands more resources, turn on multi-processing again, relying on BFD for the click. I shouldn’t have to do this, folks!

For what is worth it appears that the latest Cubase 6.03 update has fixed the metronome problem for me. At least using .wav files. Since I don’t have Nuendo 5 (still on N3), I cannot verify if 5.5 has the same fix as well.

Nuendo 5.5 has NOT fixd that for me.

i use a click track every day i record, NEVER had the problem, it always saves the tempo. even when i use a sample like a cowbell or something i NEVER have click issues…i guess im lucky

I stand corrected the problem is still there with Cubase 6.03 (and therefore I understand that it’s probably there with N5.5). In combination with the inability of the program to remember the VSTi assigned to MIDI click, I would say that the whole metronome portion of Cubendo is currently broken.

Also for me…yet not working in 5.5…

Works for me too.

I also have had a click problem throughout several versions of Nuendo and on both OS X and Windows.

The issues for me occur:

  • When my BPMs are over 140
  • I have all of my studio sends engaged.
  • I am using multi processing.

I ask that the users for whom the metronome is working try this combo and report if their click is still fully functional.

This isn’t a unique combination of of preferences and yet I would venture to guess that there are many users who do not work within the parameters above and thus the disparity in experience.


When we are here:

It is ultra-lame that there is no way to have the Nuendo/Cubase Click in an Audio-Mixdown.

How often I have to export playalongs from a roughmix for training or a playback version of the final mix for live, featuring keys or something AND a clicktrack… Surely as much as often as I export final mixes.

And I have to set up lame midi-tracks to route to the VSTi because there is no f*ckin way to include the damn internal click (even when genereated by a VSTi) in an audio-export. How shitty is that. This bugs me since years. Setting up a midi track can be nasty if you have truckloads of metric changes and you need click with an accentuated “one”. Otherwise it is fast…

The Cubendo-Click (even when used via a VSTi) is from very poor concept…

How can that be true? The most basic and simple (and important) feature on earth… I can’t get it… The remember-assignement thing bugs me to death

I’ve always done the same as you Bredo. Just take me 3 minutes the first time I create the template.

But, I’m sure you agree this doesn’t remove the the need for this thread nagging Steinberg to actually fix the darn click/metronome in Cubendo.

The fact that the VSTi based click is forgotten all the time. Audio and wave file based click isn’t consistent at low latencies and/or past 140 bpm, isn’t exactly good! :slight_smile:

Steinberg, please listen to all the users and fix this once and for all.


What do you do when having to deal with songs mainly based on 5/4 - 4/4 - 3/7 - 7/8 - or even 11/8 ?

80% of the stuff I do is not completely 4/4 and has usually a couple of changes during the song.

Now the drummer needs accent on “one” - so lots of manual work to prepare a clicktrack…

When you sit at the eDrums, only with a PC-Keyboard, how do you toggle the metronome on and of with such a clicktrack ?

Yeap, I verified that in Nuendo 3 the buildin beep doesn’t skip beats.
It shouldn’t be that hard for Steinberg to track the metronome related changes between Nuendo 3 and 4. Come on this is too basic to be broken!

indeed there is a problem with the metronome in the lasted update. Sorry about this.
We’re working on a fix right now. It will be available short term.

Best regards,

Great!! But its Not only a problem from latest version as well as there I’d a serious issue with “click to vsti” since a long time. Please fix that as well. And add a checkbox to include clickttack in audioexport!! :slight_smile: thanks a lot!

Oh damn iPhone typo errors :slight_smile: