Metronome 'click' all of the sudden NOT consistent

FYI, the recently released Cubase 6.0.4 patch is specifically addressing the metronome drop out issues.
It definitely fixed the issues that I was experiencing before.


LOL That happens to me all the time. Sometimes I actually consider writing in acronyms instead of complete sentences to eliminate the auto correction! :mrgreen:

But does it fix the fact that enabling/disabling the metronome while recording terminates the recording??? This is a SERIOUS issue, and is not fun to find out after tracking a vocalist who got a good take…

Yes, it does.


problem of the last update’?
since nuendo 4 there are many thread reporting this issue…

I have been using my own .wav files for the click sound for years. At least since V3. I have not experienced any click issues regarding dropped beats for years. I do not use the control room section so maybe thats a factor.

I did experience this in the distant past back when using the built-in “beep” sound. Iv’e been using Nuendo since V1 and before that I used Cubase VST. Honestly I can’t remember what version it was but as soon as I was able to get away from the horrible “beep” sound I switched to a .wav clave sound. A high pitched one and a low pitched one. No missing clicks here using version 5.1

This metronome / click routing thing is really a pain. Just like others I have to make a MIDI track to actually incorporate a click track into a mix. This is frequently done for pre-production purposes or live performance tracks.
This really really needs to be fixed. We users have been asking for a way to route the click to mix for years.
This is not Pro!
Is this in a new feature list for the future ?

5.5.1 did not solve the problem.
Click is always skipping beats…
Losing hope…

On my system 5.5.1 did help.
I had a lot of these problems before and they are all gone now…

I have updated to 5.5.1 on a PC with Windows 7 and my metronome problem persists.

I can utilize the metronome effectively on all four studio channels by turning off multi processing, which of course, adds to my processor load.

the Nuendo 5.5.1 update fixed the recording interruption caused by the metronome. The inconsistency issue is another story that will be fixed later as it requires some internal rework.
Sorry about that.