Metronome (Click Track), any news?

Hi all.
I’m on 7.5, and considering the upgrade.

Are there any new functionalities around the metronome / click track in the new Cubase 8?

Additional Information:
I’m still missing the possibility to adjust the click volume on the fly, possibly programmable and mutable on the fly. Ideally as any other audio track.

Please don’t tell me to make miditrack->VSTi and programm the hits as we are working on large projects (>30 minutes) with dozens of tempo and signature changes.

Why we need this? Example: recording guitar. During the intro you need click. As soon as the drums start, the click has to be muted. During a drum break, we need the click again,…

My current workaround: a cable from the output of the interface to one of its inputs. Mute all tracks. Click on. record the click strack as audio. playback and write automation as the artist requires ist. :slight_smile:



Maybe a little quicker of a workaround: have a drum VSTi playing all the time as your metronome, and mute its track as needed. At least it slips the record out/in part.

But here’s hoping what you’ve asked about is available …

I’d support a feature request for this!

Ok, got it, so no news.
I posted this request when C7 came out, when C6 came out and even at SX4 times… looks like we’re the minority… :slight_smile:


if you happen to own a Steinberg VSTi (such as Halion 5 or The Grand 3), the standalone versions of those provide a metronome that itself is implemented as a VST3 plugin. It can usually be found in folder:
C:\Program Files\Steinberg\HALion 5\VST3 (for Halion 5) and is called metronome.vst3. I copied the file into the common VST3 folder: C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\Steinberg.

After a restart of Cubase or Nuendo it is available as a Generator plugin, which can be inserted into a new audio track. And there you have your dedicated click track. The metronome is not configurable, but for getting a simple dedicated click track it works.


This is a relatively ancient thread now, but I’ve seen this request in many places as I’ve searched.

I would love a click plugin that had rhythmic options, time signatures, and a variety of sounds to chose from and dial in. It would be nice to have it as a plug in so, as said above, it was easy to automate. I’m creating my own clicks with bells and shakers and can use superior drummer, but it would be so much nicer to just have a dedicated click track plug-in that was a little more customizable than Logic or Protools versions.

Even from a business standpoint, I think Cubase could do really well picking up all us recent Protools migrants with a few simple add ons and tweaks that I don’t think would really shake up the long time Cubase users. I’m loving Cubase, it’s been super creative and powerful, I just think there are a couple things they could improve on the editing side of things.

Added in Cubase 9.5