Metronome (Count in/Metronome Click) impacts real-time performance!?

Over the last week I kept more attention to real-time performance than normal. I have been using the system at 32/64 buffers (extreme, I know), never the less. My DAW seems to improve on real-time performance as it’s been running for a while (Maybe it’s becoming sentient), I’m trying to identify why, but lack time and real need, so it’s a long term, curiosity Challenge.

This morning I turned off the metronome Click and Count in, and thought nothing of it. After lunch I continued and the DAW worked flawlessly with buffer size 32!! (ok, not recommended, but the setting was left after a percussion exercise)

Knowing the buffer settings I glanced at the “Audio Performance” monitor (average load 30%, peak dancing around 40%), raised my eyebrows and thought cool. Then I activated the metronome and the real-time performance started to spike periodically. (Nothing playing/recording) :astonished:

My question now is if of anybody else sees this!? I will continue keeping an eye out for it, but it kind of left me baffled.

My settings at the observation was extreme, but never the less, started to wonder what’s going on there…

Metronome on or off… no difference here.

Regards :sunglasses:

Hi - I read through some of this string trying to find out if it’s possible to set a precount 2 bar click which turns off once the
first bar starts recording. From what I’m reading it doesn’t seem possible. I’m I correct? If so, that seems like a crazy thing to
have overlooked. Running Cubase 10. Help!