metronome - counting on the off beat and can't change sound


i’m a fairly new cubase user (had 9.5 pro for a few months, learning new things all the time. i love it).

i have recently come across an issue with the metronome…

it was working fine up until a couple of weeks ago, i was able to have a count-in and the metronome would carrying on as im playing (which is perfect).
but now, the metronome makes a sound on the off beat, and it has a piano key sound, as opposed to the default bleep sound.

can anyone help me by putting this back to normal?



Make sure the Audio click is selected, not MIDI.

Click Setup window screenshot would help to find out what’s wrong.

thanks for replying.

“Click Setup window screenshot would help to find out what’s wrong.”

how do i do that? (sorry)

i did the first instruction but the outcome is still the same

the metronome LOOKS like it’s working but the sound is well off…

not sure if a screenshot will help at all.

i may need uninstall everything and lose everything i have, that might fix it…


Either Ctrl+Click to the metronome icon, or use the menu Transport > Metronome Setup.

Another thoughts… Make sure your ruler (grid) is set to Bars+Beats, please. Click to the arrow on the right side of the ruler, and select Bars+Beats.

Is there a solution to this? I have the same problem.


Have you tried what I advised a post before?